Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Imitation Genuine Fakes

-In which I introduce the Imaginary Reader to some of the ideas I will be expanding in this blog. 

 Before we can think about the nitty-gritty like The System, domination, psychological warfare and the state of the alternative scenery it is probably important to get a footing  on the issue of co-optation and assimilation. 

By far the biggest example of co-optation in known history is of course JudaeoChristianity. All you need to know about the technique can be found there.  Here's a good place to get an idea:

Co-optation uses some really basic animal psychology, and can be seen in nature, for example: birds who replace one or more eggs in the nest of a different species of bird. Humans and humanoids of course expand and elaborate on this type of behaviour and truly take it to other dimensions. 
Christianity took some imagery from humanity's mythological memory and twisted them to transmit some rather different messages. A  son of god based on pagan mythological characters being tortured to death on a wooden cross rather than a tree goddess giving birth, or a shaman hanging upside down from a tree to get into a visionary state. 

I'm afraid I am not currently a good enough writer to fully communicate the trickery involved, but this blog will probably explore this one a lot further. 

The process, while slow in the past (abrahamic religion took centuries to replace native spirituality) now appears to have become almost automatic. As soon as a transformative , novel current emerges in the zeitgeist, it is immediately reproduced, stripped of its soul and basically replaced with a replica that appears to deliver what the original did, but of course doesn't. 
It delivers a simulation, that may actually have very different effects from the real thing. The Situationists wrote a lot about simulation and the spectacle.

Here's something from my box of quotes, unfortunately the source website info is missing:

Stephen Tyler (the Deconstructionist, not the lead signer for Aerosmith) describes the simulacrum thus:

    "Where modernism focused on the central notion of representation, of the substitution of appearance, of a copy for an original version, post-modernism speaks of 'simulacra,' of models, of simulations, of constructed realities, of appearance as reality. The post-modernist simulacra undermine the notion of fundamental difference between reality and appearance, so we no longer think of 'models of reality' but in 'models as reality.' Simulacra do not re-present a prior or original presentation of the real, they are the real."

That is pretty much a Gnostic glimpse of reality that those sleepless intellectuals achieved...

You can find plenty of examples of simulacra on the internet and your local library, if you know how to look, but one of the biggies these days is the New Age movement.

The proposed script, in short: the New Age is a project or magical current (via Aleister Crowley & LSD as the hardcore catalysts) to "enlighten" the masses into a sort of Brave New World, as a more profitable alternative to the Apocalypse.  The One World of the New Age is basically the flip side of the Apocalypse on the gold coin issued by the shady entities that appear to pull the strings in human affairs. 

The proposed script, in detail: 

The New Age is the religion of the New World Order. Its entire message is a massive co-optation of genuine living spirituality with a vague aim to (mis)direct human consciousness towards the vision of the Global Village enforced by the NWO. Compliant and content slaves are more useful than fearful ones, and this is possibly the argument of the Masonic against the Jesuit/Catholic programs of domination.

I am not saying this is all a carefully planned out conspiracy. It is a combined and complex effect. Conspiracy theorists (much more on them later) are generally attention seekers and pathological liars (USA #1)  who need to make money, or simply insane people. A glimpse of the unknown, of defeat,  in the rising dust of the Twin Towers, perhaps, is enough to really send people loopy, stuck in mental fixation and constantly self-confirming "truths" . They are victims of the psy-ops they keep denouncing, sadly. Didn't you see those planes hit and the towers collapse?  Rinse and repeat. 

A lot of people both in Freemasonry and the New Age probably truly believe they have the correct vision for humanity's future. It is impossible to say for sure who is truly evil and who is just tragically misguided, and in the end it doesn't really matter. 
The real perpetrators will never be caught, justice will never be dealt.  This is what Noam Chomsky meant when he said "Who cares?" - for which he has been reviled all over the net by people with a tiny fraction of his intellect and research, and a zero sense of sarcasm.  
I really wonder if the 9/11 "truthers" believe that their efforts will come to anything more than some DVD sales. They still  haven't got the ones who killed their beloved messiah figure JFK, and they really believe they will get the ones who did 9/11?
 Somebody somewhere is probably laughing at a whole lot of headless chickens running around...

Back to the New Age: It is essentially repackaged Christianity for the 21st century. 
The basis continues to be a lack of real ethics, a lack of real community, a lack of body-centered, earth-rooted practical spirituality. Instead we have simulations and distortions of those things that disintegrate in a puff of purple smoke in practice. 

The New Age fails to undo the damage done by abrahamic religion and abrahamic morality.  Instead it seeks to expand and continue on that work,  by perpetuating the Christian misdirection of divinely ordained brotherly (and now sisterly) love and turn-the-other-cheek victim-perpetrator pathology. Pacified slavery, in other words. 

The New Age glosses over colonialism and entirely obscures essential qualities of human nature, such as racial, cultural and cognitive diversity, the male hunting instinct, aggression, partnerships, the bio-mystical function of sex, real meditation and shamanic techniques, etc etc. By a deliberate confusion of second-hand Oriental mysticism peppered with Christian guilt for not being Jesus/Mary-like all the time; and a co-opted Occidental magic layered over a kabbalistic base of abstraction and dissociation, it misdirects spirituality into a worship of  divine hierarchy and of the ego. This is why every single spiritual guru has been found to be an exploitative monster at some point.  
It repeats the hubris well-known to the pagan world: that human beings are divine

The New Age's two mantras are : I Love Myself, and We Are One
Both of them sound like neurolinguistic programs very much like the nonsense used by Scientology. 
The sight of wealthy, white Europeans and Americans dressed up as Indians and chanting these things is really not very far from Huxley's vision. 

What they are really chanting is: I Am God, and We Are All the Same. But these don't sound quite as good, do they? 
The average enlightened New Ager, in every encounter, has this hidden thought running in his/her subconscious:
"If I am God, then who the Fuck are you???" This is why human relationships in the New Age movement are just as abusive as anywhere, and their communities do not work as advertised. 

People keep using words without really knowing what they mean, and Community is a big one these days. I suppose words mean whatever the masses want them to mean, and in this case community means nothing much at all. It does not imply inter-dependence, mutual aid and trust, solidarity or anything that actually brings back any of the indigenous spirit and soul in the whole business of living together. 
In the New Age community if you have a problem you need healing , my friend, and nobody will get involved or give you what you can only give to yourself, brother.  Weakness is basically stomped on in an insidious psychological manner that is in effect much more debilitating than a physical beating. 
 Because New Agers are usually upper middle class people who do not have a serious problem with the system, they fail to see how any real community will be persecuted or assimilated by said system, and turned into more of the same alienation; it needs to be internally strong enough to protect itself from such attacks . Hell, they don't even understand how the system operates, that is, it operates via normal people doing normal things, not some remote controllers who need remote healing.  
 Living in real community these days is going against the system and against "society" in every way, and is something only un-selfish warriors can do, not weak-spined soft New Agers suckling on pacifiers. Community is the enemy of the system, the system depends on an absence of human community for its perpetuation, and actively seeks to destroy it or kill it via isolation.

The way of mass domination goes by "divide and conquer" and what better way to achieve that than to encourage self-worship, while preaching that we're all the same? Sure, the London banker or New York lawyer are the same as the African pygmy, the hipster from San Francisco is the same as the guy who grew up in Baghdad.  We are all Americans, or we should be. It is a happier existence, surely. 
A MacDonalds in every town, and a democracy with internet in every country, run by the right people. 

The elimination of cultural and psychological diversity has been at the top of the dominator agenda since the early days of Christianity, and it is very much the business of the New Age. It is also its business, like any cult, to demonise and isolate people who point out its fakery. If you reject We Are One, you have some kind of disease (eg you're In Denial) and you are spreading divisive vibes around, and people may give you the evil eye.  

We Are One is a christianised co-optation of an experience of unbounded identity and unified consciousness in an all-pervading cosmic love, often defined as enlightenment and pretty much the holy grail of the consciousness seeker. In practice, this experience is simply the starting point or a cornerstone of a spiritually connected life. It does not mean you know shit about reality and people, or that you are somehow advanced or have suddenly become a real human being. The world is not necessarily conformant to your overwhelming mystical vision of it. Millions of westerners have had this experience since the 60s and the planet is obviously not a more peaceful or unified place. 

Psychic hazard!
New Age spiritual vampires can  detect an especially active kundalini energy and may hone in to feed. Beware of New Age vampires!

The New Age is the modern-day extension of "Spiritualism" and "Mediumship". In every flavour, there is a specialist who you'll have to see, for a fee. The middle-man or woman is conveniently placed within the context of spiritual traditions long gone or corrupt in their native countries- eg. India/South America- or traditions that are entirely invented for the smiling western folks and their money.  I won’t even start on cultural appropriation and the final stages of colonialism here.

The idea that you can "study" at the feet of a guru/shaman to become one yourself , or to attain some of his/her enlightenment, like going to university to get a degree, is another big New Age marketing technique; in other words, a con. It comes with the idea that attaining higher consciousness states automatically make one a better human being. 

A sufi dude said: It is easy to be a sufi. What is difficult is to be human... 
And he of course totally outdid me, this post is mostly a less masterly attempt at conveying this fact of life. 

The REAL truth, honest, is that people largely fall in one of three groups, in decreasing order of rarity:
1) Those who are borne with a calling, AND choose to act on it, 
2)Those who are borne with a calling and devise ways to ignore it, as it involves a lot of pain,
3)Those borne without any such calling to transcend and to actually become human.

That's right. I am here telling you, O Imaginary Reader, that we are not borne human, in the full meaning of the word. More on this later... in the meantime, meditation on the images of smiling white American soldiers in photo-ops with dismembered and decaying dead brown people (the terrorists), and the chain of actions that led to these by now familiar situations,  may be revealing. 

 Most people these days , the consuming masses that apparently cannot rise above their dumbness, are apparently not borne with a calling.
Many New Agers are borne with a calling,  but are doing their best to ignore it. The New Age is a flight from conscious awareness and growth, wearing nothing but rose-tinted specs and riding on the back of a rainbow Dumbo helium balloon.  If you're comfortable it may be just what you need for your retirement. To these eyes, it is an obscene expression of western stolen wealth, decadence and entitlement. 

Terence McKenna, one of the few writers on these matters worth reading, and one of the few American talkers who could talk for well over an hour without mentioning America , said that the New Age is a flight from the psychedelic experience. I would add to that, that the psychedelic experience itself was co-opted and badly framed from a very early stage and continues to do so with the likes of Israeli Benny Shannon attempting to convince us that abrahamic religion has psychedelic, in other words real, roots. . . and pigs can fly if we say and repeat it enough.

More on that later...