Wednesday, April 4, 2012

AA: Arbor Anon

Arboriginals Anonymous 

AA are a disorganised organic amalgamation of Arboriginals, those who have "gone native", beyond the beyond, those who have abandoned the false and unreal in search of the True and Real. 
They may never find it, but they are determined to live and die in their ceaseless, relentless search.

They leave no stone uncovered, pull no punches. 
They drink the nectars of life with relish,  the poisons without complaint. 
They smile when others cower or strike out in their fear. 

They uphold natural lawlessness, universal and definitely not "civilised" human values: the vital principles of love , power, and eternal change.

They laugh and cry at the bloody lies domesticated humans call "civilisation". 

They see life as a miracle, a dream, a game, a struggle, a tragedy, a comedy, a test, and a war. 

True Arboriginals never unquestioningly accept second-hand beliefs, "paradigms", problems and solutions.
They recognise no authority above, and no subjects below.
They have nothing to do with either masters or slaves, priests or disciples. 
Each one is a master of their own mind, a friend and lover of their heart, and at one with their body. 
They view the body as the alchemical crucible , the multidimensional vessel of consciousness , the sacred mariage of spirit and matter. 

They are honing their awareness to a clear diamond, cutting through all the murk, uncompromising in their search for the real. 

There is no going back , no half-measures, for the true Arboriginal. 

Each one is also an amalgamation of selves, a composite , multidimensional inter-association of focal points of consciousness,  operating at times in unison , at other times in contradiction and even confrontation.
They are fighting the true holy war internally.

They have nothing but contempt for religion; this they view as the ultimate betrayal of the spiritual nature of life itself. 
They have nothing but contempt for politics; this they view as the murderous games of sycophants, who, like hungry mongrels, eagerly lap up the leftovers thrown off the banquet tables of the fattened pigs who deem to own the planet. 
These failures of humankind make the AA sad, make them feel pain. But sadness and pain and misery and powerlessness and fear are not the realms in which the Arboriginals dwell. 
The Arboriginals are the future, because they follow the natural flow of life . 

They hold no place in their house and in their hearts for hypocrisy, duplicity, conformity and complacence. 
They do not bow to the dishonorable, except when they are engaging in their deception,  and neither do the dishonorable ever get the chance to see them, unless they want to be seen.  
They abhor homogeneity, and recognise diversity as the potential that re-generates and maintains life. 
Their spirituality is not worship or servitude, it is relationship with the spirit.

Arboriginals Anonymous: WHERE ARE THEY???

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