Friday, April 6, 2012


Dear Imaginary Reader,
Vast irony and fathomless dark humour are explicit and implicit in the general state of affairs. 
One of the reasons for writing this blog is to share the jokes with you. 

This isn’t going to be one of those serious scholarly blogs, despite what the name may suggest. I, A/Gnostic, am but a scavenger on the fringes of the chaotic pool of stuff that is the internet and contemporary human culture in general. Long ago, I abandoned career, academia, ideology and occultism with book-burning celebrations, drugs and all-night dancing on sacred sites.  I am A/Gnostic, I know and I don’t know. 

   I look for diamonds in the mud, flies in the ointment, that sort of thing. It’s a messy job, but you know how it goes. We’re all supposed to be doing something here that can be called “work”, so as to fulfil our responsibility to our fellow human beings, and ourselves. So it goes. 

 This blog isn’t going to focus particularly on apocalyptic hysteria, even though I am not entirely free of it. I aim to take some lighthearted pokes at the various problems I have with the world in general and monkey around with knowledge, language, beliefs, tradition and culture. I promise you good bed-time reading in easy to digest bites. Do not take me too literally. 

  The Tragic Comedy is an ancient Greek concept, I believe. Those Greeks didn’t actually have much in common with modern Greeks, mind you. Greece was annexed by the Ottoman empire for some 400 years and its population has   mixed with the Balkans and further for a long time. Modern Greece owes its existence to the British Empire largely, who pushed back the Turks and gave Greece its “independence”. Yeah. I believe there was money involved. Greece has been a client state from the start.
This is just an example of what it means to try to make sense of most of what is being avidly discussed and dissected in what passes for public discourse these days.  History is a maze that has been designed by the ruthless winners of wars, and good luck with working your way through looking for The Truth. 

To understand some of the insanity it is necessary to completely understand the nature of lying. And to do that we need intuition, and we need to have a good grasp of what language does for us. 
 Language and thought are involved in a feedback loop, one affects the other. They have evolved together, and have reached a point where they must disengage. We tend to think using the words and syntax of language, and our thoughts tend to contain rehearsals of the things we say. This is a limiting situation for our mental faculties, the search for truth, and is bad for poetry.  The point here is that the intellect and academic-style research are not the primary tools to use to make sense of the world and people, and one of the big reasons for that is that people can and do lie. Even to themselves.

 If we take this as a principle, then we can perhaps approach where I’m getting at:

 Most of the written and spoken knowledge currently regurgitated by human beings is fast becoming obsolete and is inadequate to equip us, dear Imaginary Readers, to deal with the future. Or even the present. 

Yes, the gist of what I am saying, for the easily distracted, is that the popular phrase “Everything you know is wrong” is not actually wrong in itself, but people tend to miss the depth of its meaning. Since this phrase has become part of contemporary knowledge, it tends to invalidate itself.  It isn’t just that the “things” we know are wrong, it is also our concept of what constitutes knowledge that is wrong.

 We are dealing with Tragic Comedy, and one of the tragicomic situations here is that the most obvious things are missed by the vast majority of people, because their view is obscured by the Cloud of Unknowing, which is what they have been conditioned to “know”.

Knowledge as we know it is largely second-hand information delivered to us by our culture. It is largely designed to in-form, not enlighten, in effect to impede direct learning and intuitive understanding so as to protect the interests of the managers of society. This applies to both “mainstrean” and “alternative”, modern and traditional knowledge, mundane and occult - everything that comes in words describing abstract or arbitrary concepts, based on more abstract and arbitrary stuff. Language and thought go together and language has been shaped by the shapers of society. The medium is the message, and it has been severely compromised by lies. 

If language conditions and in a sense “creates” our reality, then lies are the insertion of false realities in human consciousness. Lies must be propped up and covered up with more lies, which quickly results in a virtual reality. 
If you add to that the lying inherent in language , we have a Sirius problem!
For example, the search for other sentient entities (ETs, little green men, angels, animal/spirit guides, etc) can be seen as a result of a language problem. When we learned the language we use, we filtered out everything that didn’t fit in the cognitive categories defined by language. This is why we have diffculty mentally processing dichotomies, contradictions and either/or/and situations. This results in us being unable to perceive these entities, even when they are pretty much forcing themselves onto our attention. Even when we do “see” them all the time.  A dolphin, a medusa, or even a tree are really a lot more weird and multi-dimensional than the words allow us to believe. Our relationship with all that is Other is restricted by language. Severely.  "I am", say the fools!

The knowledge that really matters at the moment is practical knowledge of techniques of direct, intuitive learning. Intuition is the human animal instinct, and it comes with a connection with nature and our bio-mystical roots. This is a faculty that has to be activated . We become human by consciously applying ourselves to this process, which brings the necessary healing and transformation. 

 The techniques I refer to are the tried and tested methods of awakening and expanding human consciousness by working on the physiological level of the human body. It is knowledge of these techniques that offers any “evolutionary advantage”, to use the terms of an obsolete science. 

The assumption I’ll be making is that human beings are able to learn throughout their lifetime, and that at least some of them are born with the potential to really become what we mean by human, through a growth/transformative process that they are driven to follow.


These writings are an honest (!) attempt at communicating messages and questions that come from a place beyond words, using words. Sorry about that. ( I’ll use pictures too...)
In the beginning of this dream there was no Word. 
Where is that beginning, exactly? 

It is late at night, of course. More later.

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